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Kia ora. Naumai haere mai ki tenei wahi o Ka Mate Traps Ltd.

Welcome to this site and Ka Mate Traps .

Ka Mate Traps is a New Zealand based company which develops and produces specialised, precision snap-trapping systems, primarily for use in conservation and environmental science but with a wide range of applications.

With considerable in-house expertise and professional associations, Ka Mate Traps Ltd also offers a consultancy service in eradication and control techniques (both by trapping and/or poison), particularly with respect to eco-restoration programmes.

The company name Ka Mate ('car mah-teh') is Maori, meaning "to kill," which aptly describes the action of our powerful traps. The logo also symbolises the major role of Maori within the company, with Maori and Pakeha working together (and with other cultures beyond the shores of New Zealand) for common conservation goals. To this end, Ka Mate Traps Ltd sets aside a percentage of profits to help promote and undertake eco-restoration and eco-education programmes such as the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Project in Nelson.

As a young company we are working to achieve a high standard of quality product and service, taking a thorough approach to our research and development. However, with the world clambering for better tools to control the effects of rodents, we are launching with just one of several product lines completed as it is more important to get our medium trap working in the environment than sitting idle on the shelf.

The equipment we offer has been field tested, works and is durable, but only through use and communication will we know how it performs long-term in varied situations ... and that is over to you.

Our pledge is to be an ecologically responsible and interactive company and we look forward to working with you for the betterment of our planet.

Hei kona ra

Bruce Thomas

Managing Director

Preserving our Past for the Future

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