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The Ka Mate Integrated Multi-species Trapping System

Ka Mate Reverse-Bait Snap Traps

The Ka Mate Trap features two unique design innovations, the reverse-bait trigger and the safeTcatch mechanism, which sets it apart from other snap traps currently on the market.

Ka Mate traps are surprisingly light weight for a heavy duty metal trap. Constructed from aluminium with stainless steel shafts they are corrosion resistant and designed for long life but also allow for simple on-site maintenance and when necessary parts can be easily replaced.

The reverse-bait trigger is a significant improvement in snap-trap design. When setting, a hard bait is placed underneath the trigger, so becoming a structural part of the trap. Held in place by tension the bait is wedged in place and the trap cannot trigger until the bait is removed. Unlike treadle traps, the Ka Mate trap cannot be prematurely sprung by weight on the trigger, such as snow dumps or animals stepping on it.

Another advantage of the reverse-bait trigger is the ability to make a soft or hard set. This offers for example, the ability to set a rat trap with mouse interference reduced by 95% (especially when used in conjunction with Ka Mate wire-coil baits).

The safeTcatch system makes the trap quick and easy to set, and very user-friendly despite a strong striker action. When setting, the striker-bar is firmly locked into the loaded position by two bar-catches, which automatically release when the retainer arm is pressed forward in preparation of loading the bait.

For situations where traps are used without protective stations we have produced a clear plastic, accessory clip-on trigger cowling to prevent target pests from approaching the bait from the rear or over the side of the trap. This simple device increases the probability of achieving clean-kill headshots, considerably reducing the possibility of misfire and unnecessary animal suffering.

The Medium Ka Mate trap for rats is currently available for purchase (see orders page), and in the future this trap will be produced in four sizes ('small', 'medium', 'large' and 'extra large') with the capability of effectively killing a range of vertebrate pests from mice to possums in size. To date, the species caught in Ka Mate traps & prototypes of the various sizes include mice, kiore, ship rats, Norway rats, Asian house rats, weasels, stoats, mongoose, hedgehogs, and possums.


Ka Mate Flat-Pack Stations

Durable, lightweight, flat-pack stations have been developed to complement the traps or can be used as stand alone bait or monitoring modules. They are highly effective at keeping non-targets from the traps while providing easy service access.

The stations are constructed from cellular plastic sheet (Corflute) which can be packed flat and easily folded into position in the field. The standard 'medium' station is tailored to take a single 'medium' trap, but manufactured with both large and small pop-up/push-in side opening entranceways and with the addition of a couple of simple plastic inserts it easily converts into a mouse specific trap station that can take up to four 'small' Ka Mate traps. Field testing of the medium station prototypes over several years confirms their robustness, unsurpassed portability, easy maintenance and their effectiveness at keeping non-targets from the traps: the measure in New Zealand being they are weka-proof (= a particularly curious and persistent flightless rail). Access to service the traps is gained through an easily secured full length lid, in which optional accessory clear view plastic windows can be installed to enable traps to be visually checked without opening the station.

A handy carry bag that will hold up to 20 folded 'medium' size stations is currently available for purchase. The addition of these bags into the system enables trappers to carry 30-50 'Medium' trapping sets into the field at one time and also provides a convenient storage option when stations are shelved out of season.

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