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The Ka Mate Trap and Station System Offers the Following Advantages...

Designed with the fieldworker in mind... on average a field technician can pack, carry and set a trap-line of at least 25 medium Ka Mate traps and stations without the need for extra assistance.

Ka Mate traps are simple to operate, safe to set and very user friendly for such powerfully sprung units.

Higher percentage head and neck strikes achieve cleaner, more humane kills and less chance of learned trap avoidance.

Correctly set traps are extremely stable and will not trigger prematurely through knocks, bumps, snow dumps or when non-targets such as lizards, birds, small mammals step or crawl on the trigger.

The aluminium and stainless construction are much more durable and easier to clean than wooden based equivalents, further reducing servicing time.

Corflute stations and covers are simple to install, easy to access and effective at keeping non-targets from the traps (e.g. the measure in NZ being to prevent weka, an inquisitive and persistent large native rail, from accidental capture).

Two access points in the sides of each station gives targets a greater sense of security. Animals are able to walk on terra firma right up to the trap. Carcasses suppurate straight into the ground rather than “scunging” up a wooden base, saving valuable servicing time during trap checks.

Using Ka Mate coil baits markedly reduces mouse interference & by-catch when targeting rats.

Use of coil baits should accomplish greater standardisation between trap sets, a reduction in trapper bias between operators and better quality data overall.


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